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You are about to download - myBloggie 2.1.6
myBloggie 2.1.6 Download Link Here

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myBloggie 2.1.6

myBloggie is considered one of the most simple, user-friendliest yet packed with features Weblog system available to date.

Built using PHP & mySQL, web most popular scripting language & database system enable myBloggie to be installed in any webservers.

Template based designed enable you to customize myBloggie easily & to create your own unique blog identity. It's also super fast due to it size, set-up easily & most of all the editor with BBcode supported buttons with prepost preview make composition some much easier.

For more info, visit myBloggie - Home

Bloggie Lite is a lite version of myBloggie us ready for download too. Built in plug-in capability. You can download it ->HERE

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